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HyperLap2D is a general-purpose visual editor that helps you describe complex scenes with an easy to use drag and drop UI along with many useful tools. It doesn’t contain any business logic, just a pure description of all graphical assets.

Your graphic creations can easily come to life thanks to the Runtime libraries, which allow you to concentrate on the development of your video game without having to worry about managing an efficient rendering.

Currently the development is mainly focused on the libGDX framework, but HyperLap2D can be easily integrated into any other framework/engine.

Getting Started

HyperLap2D is developed on two main release channels: Stable and Snapshots.

  1. Stable can be downloaded from official website or from GitHub Releases page.
  2. Snapshots are builds generated automatically every time something is changed in official repository. Those can be downloaded from GitHub Actions page (A GitHub account is required). Those builds are useful to test latest changes or bug fix.

Runtimes and any extensions also have both release and snapshot channels. Follow rispective readme files for instructions.


HyperLap2D comes with a wide support for all common asstes in gaming industry: